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Murti means “the living form of the Divine.” On the simplest level, you can look at a murti and call it a statue, but there’s something more there.  There’s an opportunity to feel a connection with a particular aspect of deva, the Divine. In this way, a murti is a presence, like a photo of someone dear to you – and you talk to the photo because it feels as though someone is really there.  With a murti, someone really is there!

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You don’t need a murti to make the connection, as the divine reality is all-pervasive and ever-present, extending through the space around you and even through you.  Yet that divine presence also extends through the metal form of the murti, giving your eyes and mind a reminder to connect and an easy way to do so. A feast for your eyes and an aid for your mind, a murti provides a tangible way for you to invoke the blessing that comes with the particular aspect of the divine.

On its most profound level, the murti expresses the mystical science of namarupa, the science of name and form. The divine vibrates in a multiplicity of names, each of which takes an intoxicating form, giving us a way to be in relationship.

Swamiji hand-selected each of these murtis on the day after Christmas in 2010. In a go-down (a small warehouse) in Mumbai, she sat among thousands of them, held each in hand and carefully chose each one that she has brought back to share with you.   

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