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Meditation Journal

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25-sheet Meditation notepads are also available for Meditation Group Leaders to purchase. Please contact JenMarie for further details.

In Pratyabhijñahrdayam, Ksemaraja recommends that you linger at the end of your meditation and review your profound meditation experiences and cultivate the knowing of your own Self as Consciousness so it will permeate your mind. This time period at the end of your meditation is called the vyutthana.

This is why Swami Nirmalananda and our Meditation Group Leaders are including time in satsangs and meditation programs for people to journal about their meditation. It’s a very important process that helps them deepen their understanding of their meditation experience and interweave the profound levels of consciousness that they are accessing through their mind. This process of journaling is a process of imprinting consciousness on the mind, a process that Patanjali describes as parinama in the Yoga Sutras. It’s also valuable to collect a library of your meditation journals over the years so that you may review. You may even forget some of the experiences that you had in the past.

Swami Nirmalananda designed these meditation journals to honor your meditation experiences. The color of the journal’s cover ranges from white to a golden yellow, expressing the spectrum of light: the light shining from the candle in your hands (in our logo), the light shining from the sun and the light that shines within your own being. The placement of the logo on the front is to place the hands with the candle flame to honor the experiences that you write in this journal. This offering of a candle flame, very lightly screened, is repeated on the bottom of each page to honor your meditation experience that you write on that page. There are light lines on the front of each page and the back of each page is left intentionally blank for people who like to draw or use colors to express their experiences. The white spiral binding allows you to flip the book on itself or to lay the book flat for ease of use. On the inside front cover, Swamiji wrote a poem about the gift of the Siddhas that invokes the blessing of grace on your meditations that you’ll be recording in your journal. 





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