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Beyond Blessings: Ganesha

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Music to draw you into the source of blessings and inner font of joy, this CD takes you through the whole spiritual path in 4 beautiful Sanskrit chants.

Beginning with invoking Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, Rama leads you into joyful chant full of devotion. Once the inner doorway has been opened by the elephant-headed Lord, you experience Patanjali's promise in sutra 1.3, the knowing of your own svaroopa - you own Divine Essence. From that inner source you share your blessings with the world, through the Sanskrit "Universal Prayer."

Track 1: Ganesha Gayatri Mantras (2:28)

Track 2: Shree Ganesha Namaha - the light and joyful chant evokes the mood of Ganesha dancing, one of His favorite pastimes, while it opens your heart to receive His blessings. (15:00)

Track 3: Tadaa Drashtuh - chanting the sutra from which Svaroopa Yoga gets its name, Patanjali's promises echoes through the millennia, that you will experience your own Divinity through yoga. (13:16)

Track 4: Universal Prayer - beginning with drums, horns and bells, like a traditional candle ceremony in a temple, Rama's solo voice brings the blessings to life, for you and for sharing with others.  (8:15)