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Experience Shavasana

with Swami Nirmalananda

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Discover more of yourself in these inner explorations into the vastness of your own beingness, under Swamiji’s loving guidance.  The sound of her voice will guide you into a deeper experience, called "The Shavasana Experience."

Track 1: The Shavasana Experience (5:59)
Learn about the purpose of Shavasana as a yoga practice, in this short track with Swamiji teaching about the importance of this yoga pose and the opportunities it offers.

Track 2: Make Yourself Comfortable (2:27)
Swami Nirmalananda talks you through propping yourself comfortably and settling in — vital preparation for a delicious and profound experience of Shavasana.

Track 3: Guided Awareness & Ujjayi Pranayama – with tamboura (17:38)
Enjoy the Shavasana experience that begins every Svaroopa® yoga class.

Track 4: Long Guided Awareness – with tamboura (29:47)
Dive in deeper with this more detailed exploration, a full half-hour of Shavasana as is led by Swamiji in the Foundations of Svaroopa® yoga class.

Track 5: Short Guided Awareness – with silence in the background (9:03)
This is the same Guided Awareness as in track #3, with silence in the background (no tamboura)

Track 6: Ujjayi Pranayama (Yoga’s Sounding Breath) (6:43)
This guides you through the same Ujjayi Pranayama instructions as in track #3, with silence in the background (no tamboura)