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Meditation: Deep & Easy Mindfulness, Mantra & More

by Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati

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Your mind is too busy.  Instead of watching it, it’s time to intervene!  Take advantage of the greatest mystical syllables of all time, the MahaMantra, a gift from India’s ancient sages.  Meditation is easy when you fill your mind with “OM Namah Shivaya,” the vibration of Pure Beingness.

These three tracks with Swami Nirmalananda give you options:

Deepest Meditation: when you play all three in order, you chant (20 minutes), repeat mantra aloud (7 minutes), then meditate (22 minutes).

Quickest Meditation: use track 2 to do japa with Swamiji, repeating mantra aloud (7 minutes), then meditate for part or all of the 22 minute track.

Based in Consciousness: play the chant or japa (track 1 or 2) in the background all day and all night long.  As you become saturated by the mantra, your mind and whole being become peaceful, shine with clarity and align with your own Divinity.

Track 1:  Chant!  Om Namah Shivaya - solo recording of Swami Nirmalananda chanting the mantra (20:23)

Track 2:  Japa! - spoken repetition of the mantra by Swami Nirmalananda (6:57)

Track 3:  Meditate! - let Swamiji lead you into meditation with her brief (yet thorough) meditation instructions, followed by 20 minutes of tamboura meditation music  (22:17)