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Nectar of Immortality: Asato

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The deep resonant tones of this chant evoke an ancient mood, Vedic mantras from the Taittiriya Upanishad chanted in a way that they will reverberate in the background of your awareness:

Lead me from untruth to Truth,

Lead me from darkness to light,

Lead me from the fear of Death to the nectar of Immortality.


The long Om at the end of each line draws you deep within, that the chant fulfills your promise, leading to what you already are: Truth, Light Immortal Consciousness-Itself.

Track 1: Asato - the long chant is repeated without a break for almost 30 minutes, and is on the CD again as the 2nd track, for an hour of deep inner experience. (28:13)

Track 2: Asato (28:13)

Track 1: Asato: The Nectar of Immortality